Congratulations to Startup Competition Winners!


This year all Deep Tech Atelier startup competition semi-finalists won awards from conference partners and supporters.

The Schaeffler AG main prize – an all-inclusive trip to the Schaeffler 3rd Venture Forum in Germany was won by car monitoring system creator “SIZZAPP” (Latvia) and label verification manufacturer “InLable” (Latvia).

In turn, the Commercialization Reactor main prize – 10 000 EUR in pre-seed investment and participation in a 3-month acceleration programme with the possibility of obtaining a further 40 000 EUR in pre-seed investment and up to 250 000 EUR in seed investment was won by two businesses – green industry innovator “AB Labs” (Latvia) and “Vigo” (Latvia), which is developing software to help patients have a more effective recovery after a stroke.

Participation in the EIT RawMaterials Phase 1 Acceleration Programme and the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials INAM award – one year of free startup membership was won by 3D printing materials producer “3D Strong” (Latvia).

The EnergySpin accelerator prize – direct access to the selection days and EnergySpin 2019 fall programme was won by “Empyrio” (Latvia), which provides a a compact autonomous sewage sludge mono-incinerator for waste containing over 80% moisture.

The Merck accelerator main prize – one gold card for the Merck Accelerator Programme Selection Days was won by “COWOW” (Latvia), developer of an IoT system assisting farmers in detecting clinical and sub-clinical mastitis of cows on microbiological level.

Startup Competition: semi-finalists announced


We are happy to announce the deep tech startups who will compete within the Deep Tech Atelier Startup Competition in 2 weeks:

VeritaCell, Latvia. VeritaCell accelerates and enhances skin renewal with a medical kit for surgeons that is incredibly simple in use.

InLable, Latvia. Inlable provides manufacturers with unique fingerprint for any hard surface, for quality and authenticity assurance, anti-counterfeiting and supply chain integrity.

Biosties, Poland. Biosties works on first truly affordable and painless non-invasive glucosensor for continuous monitoring.

Catalyco, Latvia. Catalyco is a chemical engineering company introducing new method to produce high surface area ZnO and CuO for applications in catalysts and absorbents with increased reaction rate and improved structural strength (longer lifetime).

SEMANTIC INTELLIGENCE, Latvia. Semantic Intelligence applies artificial intelligence technologies to reduce R&D time and costs for Drug Discovery basic research stage.

Hurricane Unwinder, Finland. Hurricane Unwinder works on a machine-learning based hurricane intensity forecast.

3D Strong, Latvia. 3D Strong produces additive materials based on modified CNTs, which significantly increase mechanical strength and durability of 3D printing materials.

Adianano, Latvia. Adianano pressures gas and develops nano-powder.

Robot4Work, Germany. Robot4Work Robotic Services are providing customized solutions to companies in Hospitality and Service sector (hotels, restaurants, museums, hospitals, schools, etc.) to improve workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction with actual humanoid robot employees that can work 7/24 and are synchronized with human employees, sensors and all devices seamlessly.

Squad Robotics, Latvia. Squad Robotics is guiding manufacturers into the autonomous era.

ConvertIQ Solutions, Latvia. ConvertIQ Solutions is an artificial intelligence-driven company that provides tools to significantly increase conversion rates of digital marketing campaigns along the conversion funnel., Romania. offer to watch 2D movies in 3D, online in the web browser with anaglyph glasses.

EMPYRIO, Latvia. EMPYRIO product is a compact autonomous sewage sludge mono-incinerator.

Quality Powders, Latvia. Quality Powders provides a uniquely constructed small ball mill that utilizes different principle for powder milling.

Submerse Tech, Latvia. Submerse Tech develops an AI-powered system designed to improve the wateflooding process in Oil and Gas industry.

Crayonic, Netherlands. Crayonic helps protecting Digital Identity.

Vigo, Latvia. Vigo is developing therapy in software for more effective recovery after stroke using ML.

IMOLab, Latvia. IMOLab offers a fast and easy way to find machine parameter values.

Laser Vision, Latvia. Laser Vision makes precision construction automated.

SIZZAPP, Latvia. SIZZAP developed the system that monitor and link a car to the user via application in mobile phone.

Spottitt, Poland. Spottitt supports the energy sector and the insurance sector by providing them with cost efficient and reliable AI solutions to replace the analog methods they use today when assessing the state of their assets.

ABLabs, Latvia. ABLabs are green innovators that are true to simplicity and ease-of-use.

Sphebotics, Estonia. Sphebotics is boosting the Sun in the cities.

COWOW, Latvia. COWOW is the IoT system to assist farmers to detect clinical and sub-clinical mastitis of cows on microbiological level, in only 35 seconds for the whole herd simultaneously – “LAB ON THE NECK”.


Whats next?

On the first day of Magnetic Latvia technology conference Deep Tech Ateltier these startups will present their startup on the Main stage with a 4-min pitch and will have 3 minutes for Q&A. From those pitches, five finalists will be chosen. Finalists will be announced during the Networking dinner. On second day the five finalists will have 4 minutes to present their idea to jury and audience on the Main Stage on day two.



Deep Tech Startup Competition is established as a possibility to foster innovations of early stage deep tech startups. The main goal is to empower entrepreneurs who are willing to develop excellent scientific achievements and bring them to the market.

Deep Tech Startup Competition will be held within the framework of the practical conference and a workshop on deep tech entrepreneurship Magnetic Latvia Technology Conference “Deep Tech Atelier”, in Riga, Latvia, on the 12th and 13th of April organized by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and Commercialization Reactor.


  • Deep tech startups;
  • Early stage investors;
  • Accelerators;
  • Companies interested in being potential industrial partners of deep tech startups.


  • Deep tech, meaning that there is intellectual property-rich science or engineering behind the project;
  • Early stage (before sales or sales just started);
  • B2B solution;
  • The team should contain scientist/-s and entrepreneur/-s;
  • Lab scale prototype (science finished, TRL 3-4 and above);
  • The business idea has potential;
  • A legal entity is not necessary.


22.03.2019 – Startup registration deadline

29.03.2019 – Semi-finalists are defined.

12.04.2019 – Semi-finalists present to the Deep Tech Startup Competition jury. Finalists announced.

13.04.2019 – Finalists present to the Deep Tech Startup Competition jury. Award ceremony.


The selected startups for the Startup Competition will prepare presentation, which should contain the following:

  • Intro page;
  • Description of problem and business solution;
  • Market and competitors;
  • Team;
  • Investment needs.
  • Semi-finals: max. 4-minute-long pitch, followed by a 3-minute Q&A session;
  • Finals: 4-minute-long pitch.


  • Uniqueness of the technology
  • Team capabilities
  • Project scalability
  • Business model and marketing approach
  • Competitive advantage

See full Deep Tech Startup Competition Regulations HERE.


JURY: accelerators/smart or early stage investors and industry representatives.



Semi finalists will be:

  • Pitching to international and national accelerators, investors, media and corporations,
  • Granted the place in pre-acceleration program of Commercialization Reactor Fund.

Finalists will have an opportunity to obtain:

  • 2 all-inclusive trips to Schaeffler 3rd Venture Forum on September 17, 2019, Germany from Schaeffler AG.
  • Participation in Phase 1 Acceleration Program of EIT RawMaterials (subject to compliance with EIT criteria).
  • 10,000 EUR pre-seed investment from the Commercialization Reactor Fund, including a 3-month acceleration program, with the possibility of obtaining a further 40,000 EUR of pre-seed investment, and up to 250,000 EUR seed investment
  • More to be announced…

VENUE: RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O6, 4 Durbes street, Riga, Latvia.

Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Apply for competition is closed!




Phone: +371 67039454