Ignition Event of Commercialization Reactor is a unique matchmaking event, which provides an opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs to start their Deep-Tech Startup by matching with world-class scientific teams that are eager to commercialize their scientific achievements.

Commercialization Reactor effectively brings the 2 worlds (Entrepreneurship & Science) together ensuring substantial support (including investments) to enable startup creation based on its proprietary validated Science Commercialization Methodology.

More than 90 startups have already been created and have raised EUR 7 000 000 in financing from various investors around the world. They are bringing disruptive innovation to various industry sectors.


From a potential entrepreneur it is expected to come to Ignition Event with an open mind and heart and to listen curiously to Scientific Teams that will be there for the same reason – to start a Deep Tech Startup.
The philosophy and the rules are that an entrepreneur will become a business leader (a CEO) and a scientist will keep building up the scientific excellency (a CTO) that would be the core asset of the newly formed venture.

Commercialization Reactor focuses on maintaining community of entrepreneurs with a vision to create their own businesses that will make a difference and helps them to succeed via means of ongoing mentorship, coaching, education and acceleration program.

The technologies to be presented at the Ignition event by the scientific teams have been sourced from Commercialization Reactor’s worldwide network of partner universities, research centers and individual scientists. Before the event each technology is being thoroughly analyzed, where experts’ team of Commercialization Reactor explores the novelty of scientific achievements, validates the scientific team to match our world-class standard as well as ensures legal support for transfer of Intellectual Property.

Start – up creation is organized and supported by Commercialization Reactor, by deploying its expertise, knowledge and network of partners. It is ensured by:

  • pre-selecting and validating World-Class Science (Scientific Teams);
  • attracting ambitious entrepreneurs that will build the business-vision and lead the team;
  • putting scientists and entrepreneurs together, helping to establish companies, assisting with legal issues, including on technology transfer;
  • helping the Teams to succeed;
  • nursing the teams, assisting to attract capital, mentoring and supporting to build and grow their deep tech ventures.


Upon successful incubation, after the Ignition event future startups receive free pre-acceleration support from Commercialization Reactor and become eligible for the acceleration program, with up to 50,000 EUR of pre-seed investment and possibility to obtain a follow up seed investment of 250,000 EUR.

Commercialization Reactor’s 13th Ignition Event is part of Magnetic Latvia Technology conference Deep Tech Atelier.